Apple Macbook vs Windows Laptops

 MacBooks have always been the most premium laptops in the tech world. Their sleek, lightweight, stainless steel design overhauled the laptop market since its inception in 2006. The Macbook Air have been the most popular models for students, employees, and business owners alike. Affordable, reliable, and ultra fast. Heck, I still have my 2015 Macbook Air and I still use it today. Although the screen is not on par with the newer Retina and Liquid Retina displays that newer Macbooks come with, it isn't any slouch compared to most Windows laptops. I truly believe my almost decade old laptop can do 90% of things better than all Windows Laptops under $600. And the only thing it needed in the past 9 years is a $50 battery, which really didn't need replacing. I replaced it because I was getting 5 hours of screen time instead of the 10 I used to get. Which 9 year old Windows laptop can run 5 hours on a charge and handle loads consistently. None. (in my experience)

Windows laptops, specifically HP, Lenovo, Asus, And Acer take a long time to boot up whereas my 2015 Air takes less than 10 seconds from a power off state. To be honest, I have barely ever shut off my laptop. I just close the lid, let it sleep, and as soon as I open the lid, I am ready to work again. And if I don't use it for a week and I open the lid, I happily find the battery level almost always exactly at the spot I left it. WHICH WINDOWS MACHINE CAN DO THAT????? None!! 

Then you have integration. Macbooks have the best file transfer system that exists in the world. From your laptop to your phone to your tablet, transfer huge files in seconds thanks to Airdrop. Huge huge files, that normally would take forever on Windows laptops to just upload to the cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive), take mere seconds on these Apple products. And in the same amazing quality!

Reliability. My most favorite part about the Macbook. They last forever! The aluminum shell is extremely strong. My 2 year old regularly stands on my laptop and practices his jumps. And nothing happens to the laptop! He watches his favorite Cocomelon shows and takes stabs at the keyboard and screen very roughly, ending up throwing the laptop as far as he could, yet the Macbook has never sustained any damage. Windows, I have a closet full of broken Windows laptops from every brand you can think of. 

So tell me, Macbook or Windows- which would you like to see in your home?



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