Marital Sex

Love isn’t just thinking about someone all night long, talking to them on the phone, or holding their hand and walking along the beach. These are all acts of love, but they all can be shared with others besides your spouse. All relationships involve love, but only a husband and wife can engage in a form of love that is wrong in all other relationships. We are talking about sex. More specifically marital sex. Sex with your legally wedded husband or wife. 

Today, many people are entering marriages without knowing anything about proper sex. Don’t worry, your newly appointed sex guru, me!, will teach you everything you need to know in order to live your best sex life.

Husband gets up, leaves for work. Wife gets up, feeds the kids breakfast, drops them off to school. Husband comes home to a bunch of chores, and nagging from the kids and wife, wife heads to bed dead-tired from the endless household chores and perhaps day job. Sleep, and the night is over. Next day, same thing. Sounds familiar?

Romance has ended, sex has dried, and spouses have drifted apart. What comes then is what we see over and over. Dead relationships and divorce and cheating. 

So what can we do to completely revamp our relationship with our spouse?? I have the one solution, that will bring about all the beauties of a loving, thriving relationship. Sex. Lots and lots of quality sex. This one solution will change your marital life forever. 

Now quality sex is the key word. Quality Sex. Many people know what sex is, but don’t know what quality sex is about. Most have not experienced it consistently in their marital life. It’s seen as a chore by most women, and a quick release by most men. Most couples quickly get it on and over with every week or two. And go back to their dead marriage.

Okay, so in the blog, I will ask you a series of questions that I want you to honestly answer to yourself. I want you to answer these questions and then think about how you could use these questions to improve your life. In the next few blogs, I will talk about specific changes you can do to completely change the way your sex life impacts your marital bliss. Please send your replies to and I will curate my next blog to help the majority and reply with individual advice.  

  1. How many times do you have sex a month on average?

  2. How and how many times do you initiate sex?

  3. How and how many times does your spouse initiate sex?

  4. What sexual positions do you consistently engage in?

  5. How would you rate your sexual pleasure? 

  6. How do you think your partner would rate their sexual pleasure?

  7. What techniques do you know of increasing your partner’s pleasure?

  8. How often do you kiss passionately?

  9. How often do you go out on a couple date?

  10.  How do you get ready for sex?

  11.  How do you work on your body to make it more pleasing to your partner?

  12. How often do you dress up to entice your partner?

  13. How would you rate your sex drive?


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